Rooms and Prices

Keeping our customers in mind, the prices for our rooms are very affordable and some of the most competitive rates in the area! Starting at just $38.95/night + tax! Our rooms vary from single queen bed rooms, double full bed rooms, to triple 2 twin bed and 1 full bed rooms! 

Pricing Guide


$38.95/night + tax/one person

$43.95/night + tax/two persons

+ $5.00/night + tax for every additional person


$229.07/night + tax/one person
$273.12/night + tax/two persons

+ $50.00 for every additional person

Ask about our Preferred Customer program and receive a FREE night after 10 individually paid for days!


For monthly, extended term stays, please contact us to speak with management on specific details and prices.

Single - Queen Bed Rooms

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Double - 2 Full Beds Room

Triple 2 Twins, 1 Full Room

Double - 1 Twin, 1 Full Bed Rooms

Triple - 2 Twin, 1 Full Bed Rooms